Letter to my future students.

Start dancing. Stop dancing.

Go after technique. Go hitch hiking. Rehearse solitude in studio space. Go camping. Stop dancing. Practice somatic understanding. Start dancing. Develop awkward movements that rhyme with something inside of you. Travel to Thailand without a travel guide, or plans. Watch dancing. Write about dancing. Talk about dancing. Practice talking while dancing. Create a costume made out of chicken wire. Sing while you dance. Stop dancing. Go to a music festival and surf on some arms. Start dancing again, this time while humming inside. Create dance. Work with people. Go after visions. Follow threads. Dance more. Join a punk band. Learn to snowboard. Find other dancers with adventurous hearts and open minds. Collaborate. Rebel. Chose another direction. Knit a sweater. Build furniture. Talk to old people. Grow a garden. Start dancing, but very small. Practice headstands and handstands. Turn the world upside down. Start over again. Stop. Start. Travel some more. Bring something new into the studio space. Stop. Start. Expand. Tear down. Start again.