Composer/Musician Matthew Evan Taylors commissioned new work for the Miami Light Project’s annual festival, Here & Now 2013. Performing February 7-February 16, 2013 at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, Miami.

THE WIRE PROJECT: Costume/Visual Art, 2012

The WIRE Project is an exploration between costume, movement, prop and visual art. I’m building costumes out of chicken wire-material with varied designs. Chicken wire allows a 3D experience and I appreciate the contrast between the wires galvanized steel and airy structure. These costumes will work both as an inspirational source, as well as a structural directive when creating movement material.


Because Dig Where You Stand is a solo based on my hometown in Sweden, I wanted to create a costume that resembled a tradition one will find in the same area. The indigenous Sami’s are highly present and I’ve always been fascinated by their culture, along with their traditional (festive) clothing. Based on tradition, I created a modern take on some of the elements of the Sami “folk dress”, such as a high collar, width in the skirt and handcrafted details. Most interesting to me was to find out how I could create “unexpected” folds applied to both the top and the bottom, along with a varied length of the skirt.


I made three costumes for this piece, based on the clothing fashion from the 1700 hundreds. I incorporated decorative collars and cleavage, ruffles, lace, hanker chiefs, volume in skirts, etc. I also wanted the costumes to resemble exotic birds, were the ruffles could symbolizing their feathers and a trail in the back of one skirt as a form of tail-like shape. Each dancer had it’s own silhouette and color theme, each one their own bird character.