Running in the forest, running in the forest, what do you see, what do you see, rabbit rabbit, all over me, 2012


This performance is based on a collaboration between seven diverse artists from Miami. I wanted to explore every artist’s unique creativity and talent, and had the performers work with writing, singing, dialogues/monologues, props, and movement improvisation throughout the process. The result is an arts-integrated performance or happening about collective joy, disconnectedness, or feelings of belonging to something or someone.


This solo project is an exploration of my relationship with my home town in Sweden, and how the history and culture of this remote region has affected me. The natural scenery and local culture inspires the themes and movement qualities, along with movement explorations based on a six-foot step ladder.


This piece is inspired by the fashion and social behavior of the 1700s, with the tight corsets, restrained body language and coquettish social intercourse. The combination of social behavior and exaggerated costumes, reminds me of exotic birds. Therefore, I also had my dancers develop a bird character that they could use throughout the piece.

A two night site-specific performance at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, Hollywood, FL

A WALK, 2009

First night

With this project, I wanted to explore several concepts based on the idea of “a walk in the park.” I wanted the audience to follow me while I performed my “walk”/movement phrases. My dance phrases were constantly moving forward, and I was interested in experimenting with the idea of one leader (dancer) and several followers (audience).  This brought out some experimentation with stopping and starting, leading with the back towards the followers, and never facing them when giving non verbal instructions through movements.


Second night

This piece took place at another location in the same park. In contrast to the night before, I wanted to create an intimate setting in close proximity to the audience. I chose the location  because of the massive amounts of leaves that helped create the “cold, autumn” feeling I was looking for. To enhance that “autumn” feeling, I performed in sparse daylight, soaking the ground and myself with water. The wet leaves created a great surface to slide, glide, roll and throw myself at.