My work is a reflection on roots, rituals and storytelling, channeled through my body. The result is a contemporary hybrid of many art forms. My dance is part cultural reflection and personal biography. I am driven by a need to explore intimacy and honesty, between performer and viewer, or performer and specific site. Instead of projecting a superhero image onto the dancer, I want to focus on a realistic and raw performance practice.

Many of my works are site specific, meaning that the site is the primary source of inspiration. Working this way gives me an opportunity to cooperate with the community native to the site, understanding its legacy and current political climate. These sites start a creative process based on unique qualities present in the environment: drastic lines, light, shapes, atmosphere and history. Every site – urban or natural –calls for its own interpretation and language. Site specific works allows me to work with the outdoors, mending my two biggest passions in life: untamed nature and creating art. I believe growing up in Sweden established in me a sincere appreciation for untouched forests and caring for the land.

To broaden my artistic voice, I look for collaborators from all disciplines who inspire me, raise questions and push my boundaries. They help me rediscover and expand my perception of the body as a communicating tool as well as helping me find a potential tension/highlight within my work. I believe in the power of the community and have recently formed a collective (Wild Beast Collective) rather than a traditional dance company, consisting of visual artists, musicians and dancers, aiming to explore, stretch and deepen the understanding of contemporary art through various medias in the future.

Photography: Edison Penafiel, courtesy of the Girls’ Club