Help us raise funds between January 16-February 16 (2017) !!!

This is a Kickstarter campaign, which means all or nothing….wow…we’re in for a ride!

The campaign aims to raise money towards the creation of HOME, a new short film which will be conceived during my AIRIE artist residency in the Everglades National Park.

This short film will explore the disappearing traditions and mythologies connected to the Everglades, and the changes of the land that has happened throughout history as well as today. HOME will be filmed and edited by Edison Peñafiel of Voltagge Factory and original music written by Dag Rosenqvist.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce my newly started artist collective Wild Beast.wild-beast-logo

Wild Beast is a group of artists from various disciplines who’s been working together on many different projects throughout the last two years. We are also launching a collaborative residency (Fågelbo/The Nest) which aims to pair a visual and performing artist together with the goal to explore, stretch and deepen the understanding of contemporary performance art. The residency will be hosted by FAT Village Projects in Fort Lauderdale, FL, starting in March, 2017.

With your help we will finance the production of the short film HOME and propel the collective and the residency of to a great start! Thank you so much for your kind support 🙂