Site Specific Performance

@ Girls’ Club, Fort Lauderdale

January 30, 2016


Photo credit: Edison Peñafiel/Voltagge, courtesy of Girls’ Club Collection

Title: On the Other Side of the Lake

Choreographer: Jenny Larsson in collaboration with the dancers

Composer: Dag Rosenqvist

Music samples: Airhead

Director of Photography: Björnhult Media

Performers: Rachel Carroll, Jenny Larsson, Lize-Lotte Pitlo, Juan Maria Seller, Roberto Seller, Galen Treuer


Performance made possible by funding from Broward County Cultural Division

“……The experimental film, On the Other Side of the Lake, features a lake surrounded by a dense forest in Sweden and scenes that unfold in fast-forward or reverse. For Jenny Larsson, staging a live, site-specific performance in downtown Fort Lauderdale required imagination.

So, Larsson improvised. She incorporated a large kiddie pool with scenes from the film projected onto the building to show Larsson repeatedly falling into the forest lake from a floating dock. Dancer Galen Treuer stood inside the kiddie pool, his silhouette projected onto the wall. He too created a splash by standing and then falling face forward over and over…..”/April Simpson, Freelance Journalist, Broward Arts Journalism Alliance. NEA artworks